Zeek Rewards Review: Not Another Scam, Is It?

Company Details

Program Name: Zeek Rewards
Creators: Rex Venture Group LLC
URL Address: www.zeekrewards.com
Price: free<——–>$99/month

About the Creators

Rex Venture Group LLC is the owner of Zeek Rewards, and also owns the domain name. They’ve been around for over 14 years and are based out of Lexington, North Carolina, USA. There are a lot of people who are affiliated with Zeek Rewards and there was nothing negative to find on Rex Venture.

Brief Explanation of Product/Program

Zeek Rewards is a reverse-advertising business opportunity where members can earn “points” and income, by meeting a certain work criteria and by placing ads on classified websites. The reason why there are able to pay people to do this is because of it’s head company, Zeekler, which is a penny auction site. Zeek Rewards is free to join, but there are upgrades available in which you will be able to make more money.

Quick Summary

Zeek Rewards basically works by purchasing what are called VIP Bids if you have a Silver, Gold, or Diamond membership level. You could give these bids away to signed up prospects or you could have sold $1000 of bids to someone on Zeekler. In your account, you would have 1000 VIP Points in your account balance. You could even share them among the direct affiliates you recruited for .5 bids given away.

Next with your Zeek Rewards efforts, you log in and place your daily free ad that promotes the penny auction site Zeekler. At the day’s end, for qualified affiliates, they add up the profits and determine a rewarded percent of total points. So if you had 10,000 points that day and the reward is 1.5% for that day, you earn $150.00.

Zeek Rewards membership packages:

  • Free
  • Silver-$10/monthly
  • Gold-$50/monthly
  • Diamond-$99/monthly

Understanding exactly how Zeek Rewards works is a little confusing, but you can find out how it works if you try it out.

Final Thoughts

After creating this Zeek Rewards review, and after even researching other Zeek Rewards reviews, the conclusion on this opportunity is that it’s not a scam at all and you could probably make some money with it.

This is the deal though. It’s just like any other business opportunity. With Zeek Rewards, the key is going to be putting in daily effort and a lot of it and not quitting. Some people say it works, some say they haven’t made any money.

That’s not to say it isn’t a good opportunity to join, because Zeek Rewards is pretty unique but at the same time, I have some questions about it.

ZEEK REWARDS SCAM UPDATE: As of late August 2012, Zeek Rewards has been shut down by the FTC as being declared as a “ponzi scheme”!!!! The site is shut down and you can no longer join.

Top-Rated Business

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