Six Figure Program Review: Is it a scam? Or can you make money?

Company Details

Name: Six Figure Program or Six Figure Kit
Founders: Ben Moskel & Dave Clabeaux
URL Address:

The biggest question that goes through the minds of many is whether such a thing as making money online really exists. One of the most important and fundamental things to note is that there are as many genuine ways of making money online as there are scams. This article will review of one of the programs, on making money online which is Six Figure Program or also known as Six Figure Kit.

Brief Product/Program Description

The Six Figure Program pioneered by Ben Moskel and Dave Clabeaux, is one of what can be termed as affiliate marketing training programs that is currently being sold for $27.00. But what is affiliate marketing? This is a method through which businesses reward affiliates, in most cases affiliate websites, for drawing customers or visitors through their marketing practices.

In the recent past affiliate marketing has gain popularity as one of the ways to earn a living online. On the other hand it is one of the widely misrepresented ways of making money online. What a majority of people will tell you is that you can make money with very little effort or not effort at all. This is indeed a great misconception that most marketers of such programs like Six Figure Program, Six Figure Kit will try to persuade you to believe.

While making a five or six figure digit income with affiliate marketing is possible, a lot of hard work and dedication is called for. This is particularly so when one is getting started. Is only after building and laying a strong foundation, that such a thing like earning money while not actively working can make sense; at this point it is possible to make money while on your vacation in Bahamas or at the comfort of your bed. Until you get at this point hard work is a must even with Six Figure Kit.

Quick Summary

Although, the Six Figure Program is by far more similar to many other affiliate training program in the sense that its sales pages basically emphasizes on the huge potential earnings, sustained by the ability to make huge amounts of money while at the comfort of your bed, as well as vagueness on the amount of time and work required to earn large amounts of cash, in the context of “little working hours- huge earning”. The program has one big advantage.

Unlike other similar programs that will be sold at prices as higher as $100 Six Figure Program goes for as less as $27.

Final Thoughts

There are some positive Six Figure Program reviews and some Six Figure Program scam posts out there. Many people have argued that the information contained in this program is the basic entrepreneurial stuff that a person can get on searching online. However, it is worth noting that the program puts all the stuff you need together and saves you time you would spend searching for such information online.

Six Figure Program or Six Figure Kit teaches you how to become you own boss and how to work at the comfort of your home. All that is required to earn money is to a computer and internet; one can work when he or she wants and as much as she or he feels comfortable.

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    • Jon Dereks says:

      Hi Justice. I actually don’t really know how or really recommend Six Figure Program. However, I do recommend joining Empower Network by clicking here if you’re looking for a great online business that really works.


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