Savings Highway Review: Is it just another scam? Or can you make money?

Brief Analysis of Savings Highway

Savings Highway is a multi level marketing company. It is more than 5 years old which indicates that it is not a fly by night operator. All that you need to do is to introduce 3 members. These can be at the same level or even at a level that is higher than yours. Once that is done, there is no need for you to pay ever again. But the best part is that you still keep on earning your monthly bonus besides the other services. And all this will be available free of charge. Another option is to have 2 referrals who are able to get another 2 referrals in order to ensure that you do not have anything anymore. This is quite a feasible option as compared to the various other MLM companies.

Just like most of the other MLM companies, even Savings Highway provides the option of the store where you can sell products to all those who are not interested in getting extra income while working from home. The products you can sell include unlimited texting platforms, VIP Condo Cards, ID Theft Restoration, printing services, and so much more. You will be earning commission in each sale that you make. In addition, you would be making commission through people who are in your direct referral chain; and this will be around 15 levels deep.

There are options in Savings Highway where you join as an Ultimate member and you would be able to get free gas cards when you refer members. Each time that you are referring, you would be receiving free gas card, month after month.
Not only this, Savings Highway also gives you the option of getting your own free car once you bring in a specific number of referrals. And this is in addition to your commissions and bonuses.

Personal Opinion

If you are reading this Savings Highway review, it’s probably because you’re interested in creating additional income. This company is not a scam, however, MLM are extremely hard to be successful in. They just are. The failure rate is high in the industry and there are just so many better ways to earn an income, especially online.

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3 Responses to Savings Highway Review: Is it just another scam? Or can you make money?

  1. John Paul says:

    MCA a top 5 really? Their membership fees are very high and if the people that you sign up cancel down the line, the company apparently demands that you pay back all commissions paid out. Correct me if I’m wrong but does that still sound a good opportunity to you??

    • Jon Dereks says:

      Thanks for the input John. What kind of people are you targeting? Consumers or business opportunity seekers? What kind of sales funnel are you using to convert? Are you keeping up with your team? M.C.A. does work depending on what you make of it.

  2. Eric A says:

    I joined Savings Highway and I regret it. The membership fee is quite expensive and the presntaion of the business is amature like. The support team is awful and not so helpful when I needed help. I contacted the head in charge, Steve Gresham, and told him how unsatisfied I was, and all he said was that he didn’t know what I was talking about

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