Quick Rewards Review: Is it just another scam? Or can you make money?

Company Details

Program Name: QuickRewards
Creators: n/a
URL Address: www.quickrewards.net
Price: free

Brief Explanation of Product/Program

Quick Rewards or is a site where you can get paid for performing numerous activities such as completing surveys, clicking on ads, playing games, filling out trial offers and more. It’s what’s known as a “get-paid-to” website and has been around on the web since 2002. You are compensated with Quickpoints that can be converted into cash, or money. On the site, Quickrewards reviews all the different ways to earn money as well.

There are a lot of these types of websites out there and have really made a bad name for “get-paid-to” opportunities because some are just straight out scams. Quickrewards is not a scam though and it’s one of the higher paying websites out there. In fact, there are some surveys available that pay as high as $10 each. Those are not very common, but they’re available sometimes.

One of the best parts about Quick Rewards is that there is no minimum cash out threshold. Whether you make $1 or $200, you can get paid through Paypal in good timing. Not only that, but there are coupons that are updated on the site each week, just waiting for you to print out and use.

Quick Summary

With Quick Rewards you will earn points for the things you do such as answering trivias, polls, surveys, email reading, ad-clicking, and the like. These points or “Quickpoints” are then turned into income. For every 100 Quickpoints you earn $.0.01. That’s not much, but each task could be many points. The points will in general, add up very quickly so you won’t feel your efforts are to waste.

• no minimum cash out
• free to join
• very simple to do
• online coupons
• high paying earnings
• trade earnings for gift certificates, magazine subscriptions, etc
• earn 30% cash back for some retail/online stores
• get paid to shop

• not going to get rich off of it
• time-consuming
• need tons of patience
• not for everyone
• only for people who want to make extra cash
• only for USA, Canada, UK

Final Thoughts

Should this be considered a Quickrewards scam? Not at all. Quick Rewards actually seems like a pretty neat opportunity to get into. When researching a lot of other Quickrewards reviews, the general tone of the analysis was always usually positive or neutral at worst.

The thing about these get paid to websites is you’re not going to make a ton of money, even though it seems like you’ll be able to. You don’t want to quit your day job doing this because it can get really time-consuming, but on the other hand you could make some decent extra cash if you just consistently commit a little time each day to completing tasks.

Although Quickrewards does seem like a legit way to make money online, there are also other programs out there solely designed to teaching you how to generate thousands of dollars a month from home by providing good training, tips, techniques, education, and the right business platform to get started.

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