Profit 101 Review: Is it just another scam? Or does it really work?

Company Details

Program Name: Profit 101
Creator: Chad Hamzeh
URL Address:
Price: $19.95 w/60 day money-back guarantee

About Chad Hamzeh

Chad Hamzeh made his name online by supposedly making around $91,000 in less than 60 days doing online marketing. He claims this is one of the quickest internet marketing success stories out there.

He is the creator of Profit 101 and by doing a quick Google search you can see that he has a pretty decent online presence which is generally a good sign. His main focus in online business is a method called CPA advertising which we’ll go over furthermore in this Profit 101 review.

Profit 101 Brief Explanation

Profit 101 basically teaches people how to utilize CPA marketing techniques to make money online, quickly and easily.

So what is CPA marketing? It basically stands for cost-per-action where you get paid on your efforts by creating sales or registrations.

Some of the perks of CPA marketing are that the user doesn’t necessarily need a website to run, develop a product on their own, or sell anything. The key to CPA marketing is really targeting a specific niche and generating tons of leads and profiting off of a commission from the company with that CPA offer.

With techniques taught like this through Profit 101, this could be a great opportunity for the beginner to make online money.

Quick Summary

The Profit 101 website itself is like your typical internet marketing sales-page. At the top is an introductory video and as you scroll down you will see different screen-shots of supposed earnings and a lot of content of what the program is going to be about and how it can help you make money. There aren’t any testimonials but that could be because it’s a fairly new program.

With the Profit 101 package, you will get videos based on 5 different modules to help train and educate you on CPA marketing.

The 5 videos are:
Video Module 1: How CPA Marketing Works
Video Module 2: How to Drive Convertible Traffic
Video Module 3: List Building
Video Module 4: Traffic Optimization
Video Module 5: Product Creation

Final Thoughts

After also reading several other Profit 101 reviews, this product does not seem like a scam and looks like it can be very informative to just about anyone, beginner or advanced. CPA marketing is a very key component to making money online and is an important skill to know. But there’s no secret to making money online other than hard work, consistency, and determination!

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