Mobile Money Machines Review: Is it just another scam? Or can you make money?

Company Details

Program Name: Mobile Money Machines
Creators: Frank Lucas & Matt Marcus
URL Address:
Price: $49 + up-sells

Brief Explanation of Product/Program

The mobile marketing craze has really taken off and Mobile Money Machines is a training program that includes software and manuals to help you take advantage of this booming trend. It will provide you a software system where you can view and manage your marketing campaigns on your mobile phone.

Mobile Money Machines will provide all the training that you need to set up a quick, accessible business right from your cell phone. You won’t need any technical experience and the product will make every thing easy and ready to go.

The cell phone is a must have in today’s world with billions of mobile phone users around the globe. This just shows you the potential in a virtually untapped market. It’s becoming easier and easier to run a business and more people are looking to utilize mobile technology. Mobile Money Machines is all about integrating marketing and making money where ever you go.

Quick Summary

Some of the key features and things you will learn with Mobile Money Machines are:

  • How to set up your website
  • Watch over-the-shoulder training
  • Automated email list setup
  • Add auto-responder messages
  • Link website with Facebook
  • Learn how to get visitors’ mobile number
  • Sales-page with 2 lucrative methods
  • How to set up cash funnels
  • Learn how to drive large amounts of traffic
  • And more!…

Probably the best thing to do is have many campaigns going at the same time to maximize potential. Obviously, you’re not going to become rich overnight through Mobile Money Machines, but you will definitely be able to see huge results as long as you put what you learn into action. What you want to do is find good products that are marketable to the group of people or niche you’re trying to reach, and create those campaigns! Not only that, you can make more money by opting in and adding Mobile Money Machines upsells.

Final Thoughts

Mobile Money Machines doesn’t look like a scam, and you could probably make some money with it. It’s getting so easy to do online business nowadays and why not take advantage of your mobile phone capabilities to work on your business where ever you are?

The Mobile Money Machines software seems like a great tool to invest in, if you’re really going to be using your phone a lot to run your business. So, it depends on what kind of phone you have whether or not it’s really going to make sense, since some phones are more user-friendly than others and capable as well.

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2 Responses to Mobile Money Machines Review: Is it just another scam? Or can you make money?

  1. Erik says:

    after I paind my hard earned money which is $49.99 the what happened sit and watch the sky to drop something for me ? or where do I go from here?

    • Vincent says:

      Lol. After further research, I found that Mobile Money Machines is just your basic Internet marketing product that likes to upsell you a whole lot. That’s why I recommend Internet Income University above all, as you can see in the chart.

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