JvZoo Reviews: Is it just another scam? Or can you make money?

Company Details

Name: JvZoo
Creators: BBC Systems, Inc.
Website: www.jvzoo.com
Cost: free affiliate account

Brief Analysis of JvZoo

JvZoo is a plug-in that you can install on your site and will display affiliate products from its marketplace, to your blog posts. You can decide where you would want to place the feed and customize it to show on which posts you want. When someone visits your blog and purchases a JvZoo affiliate product, you earn a commission. You can download the plug-in for free and start earning commissions immediately.

Referral Program

If you are reading this JvZoo review, you are probably looking for extra ways to make money with JvZoo through affiliate partner program. The way it works is you get to tag people. Each person that is tagged to you, when they make a sale, you earn 10 cents. So let’s say that they make 2000 sales. Well that means you are going to receive 10 cents for each one of those sales which means a lot of income could add up quickly for you. It is very simple to sign up to become an affiliate. To get your own referral link, it’s free and all you have to do is click on the “click here to get your referral link” button. You keep track see all of your sales that are coming through from your referrals in the My Account section of your JvZoo membership.

Not Another JvZoo Scam

JvZoo is not one of those scam affiliate products that promise you the world and promise you millions overnight. It is merely a little “extra something” that you can add to your already successful website. If your website is getting a lot of hits, it would be a good idea to incorporate this plug-in for easy money. As people read you posts, they can see the products that they might be interested in and make a purchase through you. It would almost pretty much be autopilot income that you would be earning.

Personal Opinion

This plug-in has received decent ratings on many other JvZoo reviews, maybe because it is really not anything new. If you are not interested in becoming an affiliate, you can also become a seller and join that program for free as well. You can add all your products to the marketplace at no out of pocket extra costs. This way you can promote your own products through affiliates who are itching to sell your stuff.

Top-Rated Business

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One Response to JvZoo Reviews: Is it just another scam? Or can you make money?

  1. Annabelle Drumm says:

    Hey Jon,
    Thanks for doing a review on this program. Is it really free for everyone to join? How do JVZoo make their money?

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