Is Dotcomsecrets Local Worth the Money or a SCAM?

Are you trying to find out more about Dotcomsecrets Local? Well if you are anyone that is trying to earn an income from home or develop an online business, then you definitely want to see what it’s about. Dotcomsecrets is probably one of the most popular Internet marketing training systems out there with the found as Russell Brunson as being the head of the program. You probably have seen the name floating around different make money online blogs and websites. Well now Dotcomsecrets Local takes it a little more deeper in showing you how to become a local SEO consultant.

Dotcomsecrets Local SEO Consulting

Let’s face it. Everyone knows the power of the Internet and Google nowadays. Just think when you need to find out information about something or see where a business is located. What do you do now? Go to the Yellow Pages? Heck no. You jump on Google and within seconds you are finding what you are looking for. Well there are tons of local businesses in your area that don’t know how to get their name on the first page of Google when someone is looking for their type of service. That’s where Dotcomsecrets Local shines. It’s going to show you all about offline marketing and how to approach local businesses in your area with a profitable and lucrative skill that only you will know and can charge top dollar for.

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Dotcomsecrets Local Review: How Does it Work?

So pretty much Dotcomsecrets Local is going to be a training course that you pay for that shows you all the stuff that goes into selling your local businesses on the idea of their company website being ranked on the 1st page of Google. You’re going to get a ton of training videos, tools, files, and everything else you need to get started. Not only that but you also get to become an affiliate with the company itself and make money by getting others to join in on the program as well. It pretty much boils down to you becoming an affiliate for Dotcomsecrets Local.

Advantages of Dotcomsecrets Local

  • part-time
  • exclusive training
  • untapped market
  • low competition
  • large customer base potential
  • high profitability
  • marketable skill
  • any can do it
  • low cost start up
  • full support system
  • coaching/mentoring by experts
  • webinars to learn from

Does Dotcomsecrets Local Scam People who Join?

No, it does not seem that Dotcomsecrets Local is a scam or anything like that. But this is the deal. This is going to show you how to do offline marketing which is really scary and hard to be honest. Most people that are looking to do Internet marketing are looking to do business online. If you’re going to do offline marketing for an online business, you might as well get into network marketing. That’s where you get good at recruiting people and taking them to team meetings.

Dotcomsecrets Conclusion

It may be worth the money to you depending on how you use the system, just like with everything else. You have to apply what you know into action and really work hard at it. You can become a local powerhouse if you actually build the courage to knock on doors and sell your Internet marketing skill to local businesses, because hardly anyone is doing it. So Dotcomsecrets Local definitely won’t hurt you to buy it and learn from it.

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