EZ Wealth Solution Review: Is it just another scam? Or can you make money?

Company Details

Program Name: EZ Wealth Solution
Creators: Ron Walsh
URL Address: www.ezwealthsolution.com
Price: $10 per month

Brief Explanation of Product/Program

EZ Wealth Solution is a multi-level marketing program that uses a very unique payment structure, a lot different than traditional mlm companies. The company provides information digital products as means of commerce and a very lucrative style of forming business. The general idea of multi-level marketing programs, is to recruit people and form what’s called a “downline”. These are the people you get credit for, for signing them up under you in the system. Each time a purchase or transaction is performed under you, you get paid. That’s how traditional mlm companies work. In this case however it’s a little different.

Here YOU basically pay for referrals and move up the ranks each time you get people to do the same under you. This is known as the “pay it forward” process. You basically pay a one-time fee for a digital product to be in a certain level and after that, the people below pay YOU to get into the level as well. EZ Wealth Solution can be a bit confusing to understand at first.

Quick Summary

For your first referral, you are to pay the 1st level package. As you move up into position in that level, you get paid by the people below you who are paying for their referrals. You only have to pay ONCE to move up to each new level, but keep getting paid as you are in that level as your group keeps growing wider.

Level 1: $47
Level 2: $97
Level 3: $247
Level 4: $497
Level 5: $997

• Pay-it-forward system
• 700+ digital products
• Big income
• Part-time
• Work from home
• Might lose more money
• A lot of negative feedback
• Seems like a pyramid
• Might not work for you
• Recruit people
• Very difficult
• Not for everyone

Can this be considered an EZ Wealth Solution scam?

It really depends on who you ask. There is mixed feedback on the opinions of this program. Some people say they have lost money when getting into the program, and some claimed to have made decent income. The way the EZ Wealth Solution compensation plan is set up, seems like it’s to entice people to join since you’re going to be paying for them at first. It’s not necessarily a pyramid scheme since there is product to buy. As you move up in level, the products are more expensive but at the same time you will be making more money.

Final Thoughts

After reading this EZ Wealth Solution review, you should have a basic understanding of what the goal of the program is about. It’s really about recruiting others to be below you. The more people you have recruiting under you, the more money and business security you will develop. EZ Wealth Solution is definitely not for everyone, but if it’s something that is interesting to you, you might find success in it.

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