6 Responses to Clixsense Review: Is it just another scam? Or can you make money?

  1. dakis says:

    Clixsense really pays. And with tasks and offers recently embedded you can make up to 10$ per month without affiliates!

  2. Joel Gagaboan says:

    I love clixsense so much!! for the past 2 years clixsense is the one of my sources of income that supports my daily financial needs, I advice everyone to make his/her account before its to late. You can make your free account at clixsense, and I teach you every strategy you need to know. You can email me at jcga—-@gmail.com.

    Guys make your account now at clixsense and start making your success on social networking bussiness

    Sign up now at clixsense

    GOD Bless You ALL!!

  3. Tarun kumar says:

    Hello John Dereks, nice to meet you my friend. I gave away these fellow PTC sites years back. I used to make just around some 90cents per month with neobux, which takes quarter an hour time everyday. Anyway it’s good for those who can invest some money and have a little patience than me.

    • Jon Dereks says:

      Thanks for the input Tarun! 90 cents per month? Ouch. Really the way you’re going to make any kind of good money with Clixsense is through their referral program by building a team. There are much better systems out there that pay you a lot more for building a team of subscribers.

  4. Tarun kumar says:

    Yes, as you said we should build a team. Now clixsense is working find for me, anyway they should decrease the minimum payout amount.

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