Cashback Research Review: Survey Scam Or Big Money?

Brief Description of Cashback Research

cashback research reviewCashback Research is a website panel that offers surveys to its members, for rewards. It provides consumers a chance to speak their mind and be heard by the top businesses and organizations. For its members, this service presents an excellent way to earn compensation purely for contributing their thoughts and opinions.

However, though Cashback Research provides its members adequate money to spend, it most certainly not a get-rich-soon scheme. They clearly state on their website “You will not get rich, but you will get paid.”

Cashback Research Review

The survey panel offers free online membership and registration facility is available on their website. Individuals above 18 years and resident of the US, UK or CA are allowed to register in the survey program. Additionally, only one member from each family is permitted to register on this website.

Once registered, the member can start giving the surveys immediately. The surveys offered by Cashback Research are in the form of pop ups, therefore to complete the surveys the members are required to disable their web browser’s pop up blocker.

Once a particular survey is initiated, the members have to answer some screener questions based on which they are either permitted to complete the entire survey, or notified that they don’t qualify for that survey and are informed to attempt another survey from Cash Back Research.

Each successful conclusion of a survey results in a reward of $1 to the member’s account. When the total amount in the account reaches $10, it can be redeemed and the payment is made through PayPal. However, the members can choose to opt for a gift card rather than a PayPal payment, in which case they have to wait till the amount in their account reaches $25.

The survey panel uses email as the primary mode of communication. They send emails everyday inviting the members to take new surveys, update about other money-making prospects and provide other related information.

Survey Providers of Cash Back Research

The survey panel does not develop the surveys. Instead, they act like a middleman to link their members with different survey sites or company websites that require all types of information through the survey tool. By sharing their opinion, Cashback Research members can aid to shape future products and also earn payment for their participation.

Important: Surveys are not profitable. If you are looking for a legitimate way to earn income daily online, you need to know the right way to build an Internet business…

Disadvantages of the Survey Program:

a) Cash Back Research offers redemption via PayPal or gift cards however, in both the cases; they require 30 days to formally confer disbursement.

b) While opting for trial offers, it is imperative to understand the terms associated with the trial before agreeing to it because if the members fail to follow the details or do not return the product in the desired condition, they are charged for it.

c) The survey panel simply gives general survey links to its members and not user-specific ones. This implies that the members recurrently come across surveys they don’t qualify for and get screened out.

Advantages of the Survey Program:

a) The redemption cost from is quite less at $10 which is paid to the members’ PayPal account. The survey site also provides an alternate payment option in the form of Gift cards. This is a great choice in case a member wants to avoid PayPal fees and another reason to join Cash Back Research.

b) This survey panel is free to join. Also, once registered members get instant access to surveys. They also get surveys on a daily basis which means that they get a chance to earn more income.

c) The survey panel offers its members many ways to earn money. Giving surveys is one, the second option is via non-survey offers referred to as “Bonus Cash” and the third choice is the trial offers. Mostly these tasks comprise of exclusive offers from partners or advertisers of Cash Back Research.

There are some positive Cashback Research reviews and some Cashback Research scam posts out there. Overall, to make money with Cashback Research, the members have to check the website daily to seek out surveys that work for them. This survey panel specifically works for all who dedicate their time and are committed.

Opinion About Paid Online Surveys

Honestly, from my experience, online surveys are not the best way to make money online. That’s not to discredit Cashback Research, but in general, online surveys are time-consuming and pay very, VERY little. You might spend about 1 hr of your time only to earn a few cents…just depending on the company. I’ve never earned more than $1 per survey. And then most have these “screener” questions that you have to take and if you don’t answer right, most of the time disqualify you because you’re not the type of audience they’re looking for. That alone could waste 10-15min of your time. That’s just been the majority of the case for me.

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  1. Cashback research review says:

    Cashback research is just not worth it!

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